inVISIBLE: Artist’s Statement 

This collection critically examines the way in which objects acquire their function, power, and purpose from the environments they exist in. In these photographs, I place everyday household objects within empty, dilapidated, or abandoned spaces. The photographs clearly convey that the objects have been intentionally placed within the surrounding environment. Compositionally, the photographs are very similar in their simplicity: the object as the centered subject with the backdrop of the environment surrounding it.  

In doing so, my photographs strive to dismantle the viewer’s preconceived notions of these objects as well as aims to disassociate each object from its usual state of “normalcy.” Through the juxtaposition of objects to environments, my work aspires to create a parallel sense of ambivalence within the viewer; on one hand, the viewer should react with familiarity and comfort with the showcased objects, while on the other, one can just as equally experience mystification and dissonance with the object’s surrounding environment.

These seemingly mundane and domestic objects are easily forgotten or ignored during the course of daily living. Consequently, it is often necessary to illuminate the invisible – to breathe into them new life - so as to facilitate a reassessment of these objects and their ever-evolving value and function in our lives.